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Where are these sleddog safaries organized?

Our sleddog safaries are organized at our home kennel 150 km north of Helsinki and 30 km south of Tampere. The trail has been built in the birch groves and fields in the kennel surroundings and in good ice conditions we set off onto the frozen rivers and lakes around our village.

Can I drive my own dog team?

All adult able-bodied persons can try driving a dogteam after the driving lesson at least for a part of the safari.

How long does your safari take?

The total duration together with the preparations, the driving lesson, the safari itself and the after-safari chilling-out is about 2 hours. I guarantee each group at least a one hour safari. The exact number of kilometres depends on the weather and the snow conditions.

When are these sleddog safaries organized?

Usually we have snow from Christmas until the end of March. Make a reservation!

Do I have to make a reservation?

Yes, you do. We're not open on a daily basis and the huskies might be running elsewhere.

What if I have to cancel?

Cancel is OK, but please, do it at least on the previous night. There might be someone else queueing for your place. If you have to do a last minute cancel, please do it by telephone. We're already out-of-doors doing the safari preparations two hours before the scheduled time.

How many persons will there be on the safari?

Our safaries are always organized for your group exclusively. Maximum 4 adults can participate. If there will be more of you, we recommend you a "husky picnic".

Are there any pictures available of your safaries?

Check e.g. Safari pics and Facebook.

We don't have a car. Is there any public transport available?

Yes, there is. You can take a train to Lempäälä railway station (11 minutes south of Tampere and 1,5 hours north of Helsinki). At Lempäälä railway station there is a taxi stop and you can take a taxi to my kennel (8 km from, about €20). I can help you with the train schedules if you decide to choose the train.

We would like to do a husky safari of several days out in the wilderness. Why do you offer only minisafaries?

We are located in the south of Finland where the population is dense and the trails are short. Also the snow conditions are very unpredictable. In good snow conditions I can offer you a slightly extended safari but if you want the real thing, you have to book your safari somewhere in Lapland, 1000 km north from here.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Unfortunately not. We're running quite a small business and accept only cash.